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Waste Management Plans

The implementation of a Waste Management Plan should enable the fulfillment of the requirements of the General Waste Management Law, established by Decree-Law No. 102-D/2020, of 10 of December, as well as specific legislation for each type of waste. Simultaneously a Waste Management Plan should achieve the following objectives:

Reduction of risks associated with waste management from both standpoints of Environment and Health and Safety of workers;

Reduce costs of waste management by minimizing the amount of waste that needs special treatment and finding alternative solutions in terms of waste operators;

Recovery enhancement by transferring the waste to destinations where it can be reused, recycled or recovered its energy content.

We seek to identify solutions that coincide with the priorities in terms of waste management, namely: reducing its output, followed by reuse or recycling (in order to become raw material for other productive activities), recovering its energy content and finally sending it to a landfill.

In the waste field we also elaborate good pratice guidelines, procedures and work instructions.


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