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Environmental Due Diligence

An Environmental Due Diligence seeks to determine the existence of environmental liabilities or risks in specific locations taking in to account their historical use. Risks or liabilities are measured at the level of possible contamination of soil, groundwater, surface water, the structures themselves due to the presence of asbestos for example or even a possible absorption of hazardous substances by living beings.

Phase I Environmental Due Diligence aims not to collected samples of soil, water, air or others for laboratory determination. This type of study is confined to a Phase II, which may or may not occur, depending on the client's objectives.

The need of conducting this type of environmental studies stems usually from purchase processes of real estate or businesses where is necessary to assess whether the site is appropriate for a given project as well as the negotiated price is adequate.

In Environmental Due Diligence proceedings AmbiPrime performs site visits and reviews all documentation of the area and its surroundings. In light of the findings a report is issued containing the information collected, the applicable environmental legislation, assessment findings and recommendations regarding the need or not to proceed to a Phase II for a more accurate qualitative and quantitative determination of the potentially existing contamination.


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